"When a child is learning how to walk and falls down 50 times,
they never think to themselves, "maybe this isn't for me."

As adults we stress ourselves over every misstep.

We have been led to believe in the pursuit of perfection versus the pursuit of excellence. We over-examine, overload, overanalyze, and overreact because many of us are in the brink of losing our shit. We walk around half aware and spread less than awesome energy in our wake. This is what I like to call being "emotionally drunk." Keep in mind I say this with zero judgement, I could've at one time been the poster-child of this term, which I why I feel a call to speak on it. I think we get here by not investing the time in taking care of ourselves mentally.


We overwork and under rest. We think our brains are equipped for constant stimulation and little to no downtime. We are so wrong.

I know first hand how not being in touch with my emotions can wreak havoc on my life. 10 days after my 30th birthday one of my best friends passed away suddenly. I quickly spiraled into a state of mental chaos and made a series of missteps that didn't align with my soul. Although I regret none of them I wish I had more tools back then to wake myself up. I attracted people and situations that didn't serve me. I ignored my intuition because emotionally I was too intoxicated to trust myself and the vision I had for my life.

I ended up successfully pursuing my dream of a brick & mortar business, but not without enduring a business divorce which was brutal as fuck at the time! Yup, that situation deserves an F bomb. Had I realized my decision making was being guided by fear, loneliness, grief and mental exhaustion I could've saved myself and those around me some real heartache. But then again I wouldn't be here to share my story with you guys and possibly help you avoid some of the same hurdles.


So where do we start to sober up? What if we took some time out to learn coping mechanisms that could help make our daily life more blissful?


There's no quick fix BUT the good news is there are lots of little ways to get you out of your head and closer to your heart. Here are some tips below that I've learned along the way, many from the help of my badass life coach, Dana Frost, more on her later!

  • Start the day with 10 minutes of silence: Meditation was seriously a challenge for me and at times still is. A tool I love is the @headspace app which will really help you understand how the mind works.

  • Sleep: You can't run on empty, gives yourself the gift of 8 hours.

  • Greens: Give your mind a boost with some brain fuel, green juice.

  • Don't hate, hydrate: Water is essential to just about everything so keep it flowing yo!

  • Positive self talk: Words matter. If you constantly say you're tired, stressed,and pissed off, you will magically become tIRED,stressed and pissed off. Good words in, good vibes out.

  • Walk it out-30 minutes a day: Move your body to keep those good hormones flowing and the stress hormones going right out the damn door.

  • Find your tribe: This one takes time so please choose your circle wisely. You are the company you keep and if you hang with negative folks well guess what you'll end up feeling negative. quality over quantity if you have 1-2 peeps you can count on in a jam you are kicking some serious ass!