I fell in love with faux glows 10 years ago when I moved from sunny Florida to Chicago.

 I was a professional dancer back then so being tan was a MUST. After my first airbrush I was hooked and thought, man I want to make this experience so much better. Thus the "golden girl" experience began. The process of getting an airbrush can be intimidating for a multitude of reasons. Body issues like post pregnancy bodies, post weight loss bodies, post cancer treatment bodies, are just a glimpse into what we experience on a daily basis as beauty therapists. I have to say it's an honor we don't take lightly.

People rightly so have lots of layers of hesitation. "Will I be orange or streaky" or "I don't want to look fake" are just a few.

I have spent years developing my products and our tanning training program to alleviate these worries and am so proud when people email "best tan ever" or "I never knew it could be like this". Faux glows can be the fastest and most impactful confidence booster in the beauty industry and dammit we deserve great ones! Next time you go to get a faux glow ask these simple questions to vet your beauty therapist to get you closer to the best glow for you!


1. How do I prepare for the tan? If the salon or therapist doesn't have detailed instruction on proper pre tan product selection and preparation that's a red flag.

2. How do I maintain my tan post application? Details on product usage and at home care is a must. You deserve specific instructions on how to make your beauty investment last!

3. Consultation. Great faux glow artists will ask you what type of event you're tanning for, what your goals are, any allergies that may be present, your daily activities and home skincare routine. Make sure your beauty therapist properly gets to know you and your skin to determine the best tan for you.

4. How do you choose the shade of my tan? If a salon is allowing you to pick a shade they may not have studied skin analysis and color theories which is essential to a great faux glow. Clients are not experts in skin analysis, that's what we get paid for, therefore it's your therapists job to guide you to the best shade for your skin type and base tone.

I hope these tips help alleviate some faux glow phobia. Your best day is just a spray away! COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER Q-Q-QUESTIONS. :)