I started my first business at 26

...with no funding, no clients, and no college education. One of my favorite clients, Martin, penned a song for me; "Started out with a suitcase and a dream *insert dance moves here* Glowout, Glowout." Is was so true, I did. 

I initially wanted to go to beauty school when I was 18, but my family talked me out of it which is a super common story amongst beauty professionals. We hear we will never make it and there's no money in it.

That kind of mental fuckery is for the birds!

You can do any damn thing you want just be smart. 

One thing I learned is it's fine to go into business with friends just get all your shit in writing and talk about the future first, in detail! I met a great friend early on in Chicago and we supported each other's biz growth but being able to do that in our personal lives became a challenge. As we matured and evolved we realized "oh fuck" we do not want the same things. We had similar hearts and values, but way different goals. We were both heartbroken cuz' we loved each other and wanted to both be happy it just wasn't going to work if we worked daily together. I have no regrets and would literally not do a thing over in my journey, but I see now that having some hard conversations up front could've made those transitions a lot less painful. 

Boss breakdown 👊

  • If you want to be a boss have the tough conversations, write your shit down and work on it everyday. 

Legalize it✌

  • Plan an exit strategy. This is not being pessimistic it's just protecting everyone's sanity and bringing clarity to your vision, trust me on this one.