Styled by Tasha, duh!

Styled by Tasha, duh!

I met Tasha about twelve years ago at my first job post beauty school.

I must say it was like meeting a really zen, totally gorgeous, utterly stylish big sister. As a girl with three brothers I was delighted! Tash showed me the ropes of the spa scene at the best boutique spa in Tampa. I was totally unqualified but had such a willingness to learn and it got me the gig! Tash was so patient with me and I was determined to grow. 

Every morning we would light candles, water plants, prep snacks, and get ready for the day. Tash always reminded me "when the doors open, you're on stage."

We greeted guests to the sounds of Enya & Sade and it was heaven for someone who spent a good amount of time living in shitty motel rooms as a kid. Tash was the den mom and she made sure everyone was always taken care of. I think that's her gift - she pours out love to those around her and it in turn feeds her back. 

Tasha is now a full time girlboss and the owner of YSS. While she styles your home or closet (in whatever budget you have) she's also styling your mind. She sees the good in every situation and is determined to make everything and everyone around her beautiful. Her essence naturally inspires those around her causing a ricochet of positive energy flow. 

Tasha takeaway: What is positive in your daily work flow? Is it the uniform that's lovingly pressed everyday, the ambiance of your Spotify playlist or the scent of the perfect burning candle on your desk? Share one thing you found below that inspired you👇