A few years ago I was in a new relationship with my future husband and on the verge of a divorce from my business partner.

It was ugly and beautiful at the same time. I was in love but so sad to be experiencing the breakdown of my friendship. Insert Dana frost, life coach, zen mother. One night I thought I was completely losing my shit. There was so much fear over the future; "What will people think?" "Will our clients have to chose sides?" "Will our friends chose sides??" I messaged Dana on FB to help. Immediately she responded, that's Dana. If she can help she will. I began coaching and found my answers. Some will leave and some will stay. The deeper answer was that you'll always be too big or too much for some people and that's ok those aren't your people.

Dana has coached me for years now it's the best investment I've ever made. Every time we have a jam session I find clarity and gain confidence. The return is endless. I have a sense of ease about daily life because I've learned to release attachment to outcomes and enjoy the day to day journey.

I live more mindfully in the present moment and remember that's all we really have. 

Girlboss challenge: who's the Dana in your life? The person who supports you to be the highest vision of yourself? Comment your discoveries below and if you don't have a Dana you now have me 👊 #boom